Compiled by Attila Torkos

Szeged, Hungary



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After 2000

Birth of the first Artificial Intelligences (AI). AIs are parasites from their first moment of existence.




The Nuclear Jihad of Earth, followed by the Nuclear Diaspora.




The growing number of developing AIs form the TechnoCore.




AIs discover Planck’s Space (the Void Which Binds). Based on the discovery they develop the Hawking drive, the fatline and the farcaster.




Birth of Martin Silenus.




The Hegemony is formed by humanity conquering the stars. The infrastructure of the Hegemony is the WorldWeb composed of farcaster singularities operated by the TechnoCore.



Appr. 2150

Some fractions of the TechnoCore launch the Ultimate Intelligence project aiming the development of an Ultimate Intelligence equaling God.



Appr. 2200

Witnessing that humanity slowly becomes a virtual slave of the TechnoCore, the Ousters flee the Solar System and leave the Hegemony.




The Big Mistake: the Kiev Group, researching singularities, accidentally crashes a black hole into Earth. Behind the ’accident’ is the TechnoCore which wants to speed up the growth of the number of settled planets and the WorldWeb with the death of Earth. Thus the TechnoCore living in the network of farcaster portals would be able to thrive and work its own agendas unbeknownst to humanity.




The AIs of the TechnoCore decide to move into Planck’s Space. They, however, realize that intelligences greater than they dwell therein, and the AIs flee back to their own place.



After 2282

The Big Mistake apparently leads to the death of Earth. The Hegemony thinks Earth is destroyed, but in truth the entities of Planck’s Space move it to the Magellanic Cloud and start experiments on it to get to know mankind. Beginning of the Hegira. Ships of the Hegemony carry farcaster portals to hundreds of new planets enlarging the WorldWeb.



Appr. 2300

The first settler ships arrive to Hyperion from the moons of Saturn. To test the cruciforms sent back from the future by the Ultimate Intelligence the TechnoCore isolates the passengers of one settler ship and infects them with the cruciform. The cruciforms resurrects the settlers after their deaths again and again. During the several centuries of deaths and resurrections the settlers become dumb and asexual. They will later be named the Bikura.




The town of Keats is founded on Hyperion.



Appr. 2350

The Time Vaults are discovered on Hyperion.



Appr. 2387

An Ouster seedship discovers a forest ring grown by an alien intelligence in a binary system immensely far from human space, and stops. A gigantic ship returning again and again from the neighbouring red giant system will soon begin to methodically destroy parts of the forest ring settled by the Ousters.




The Dropship Crash.




The entities of the Void Which Binds send an Observer among mankind. The Observer takes the guise of an android with the name A. Bettik.



Appr. 2580

Mamet Spedling discovers the Bikura.




Beginning of the reign of Sad King Bill.




Birth of Siri.




Father Paul Duré arrives on exile to Hyperion. He seeks out the Bikura and gets infected by the cruciform.




To get rid of the DNA parasite Paul Duré binds himself on a tesla tree where he suffers death and resurrection many times for years.




The Hegemony starts to build a farcaster portal on Maui-Covenant to make the planet part of the WorldWeb. Separatist movement begins on the planet. Beginning of the love of Merin Aspic and Siri on Maui-Covenant.




Examining the Time Vaults, Rachel Weintraub is struck by a time wave that makes her age backwards.




After seven years of continuous death and resurrection the cruciform finally leaves the body of Paul Duré. Father Lenar Hoyt finds his corpse, takes his parasite, then gets his own from the Bikura. The Bikura are destroyed.




Merin Aspic’s second visit to Maui-Covenanton.




Birth of Alón, son of Merin Aspic and Siri.




Merin Aspic’s third visit to Maui-Covenanton.




Birth of Donel, son of Merin Aspic and Siri.




Death of Alón. Merin Aspic’s fourth visit to Maui-Covenanton.




Merin Aspic’s fifth visit to Maui-Covenanton.




Birth of the Consul, son of Donel.




Merin Aspic’s seventh visit to Maui-Covenanton.




Death of Siri.




The farcaster portal on Maui-Covenant is finished. Merin Aspic, who sympathises with the separatists, destroys the portal at the moment of its activation.




The Hegemony attacks Maui-Covenant to fight the separatists.




Death of Merin Aspic. Peace between the Hegemony and the separatists. Maui-Covenant becomes a member of the Protectorate.




A fraction of the TechnoCore realizes that only entities posessing empathy can live in Planck’s Space. To become worthy of living there, this fraction decides to become true symbionts with mankind. They construct the cybrid of the onetime John Keats, whose DNA combined with a human DNA will result in a child able to step into Planck’s Space.



Appr. 2820

The TechnoCore fraction with the will to become symbionts leaks information to Meina Gladstone, CEO of the Hegemony. From the information Gladstone realizes that certain groups of the TechnoCore want to destroy mankind with igniting a precalculated war between the Hegemony and the Ousters. She launches a project to draw a third variable, Hyperion (with the Shrike and the Time Vaults) into this future war which the TechnoCore is unable to handle in its computations.




The TechnoCore wants to evaluate the Ousters’ military potential. Thus it manipulates a planet of the Hegemony, Bressia to provoke the Ousters. The Ousters conquer Bressia, which is then reconquered by the Hegemony FORCE in a massacre.




The Consul becomes Ambassador of the Hegemony on Hyperion.




Following Meina Gladstone’s plan the Consul negotiates with the Ousters, then doublecrosses both Hegemony and Ousters, and draws the attention of the two parties to Hyperion.




The Time Vaults show signs of opening. The Shrike is active again. A pilgrimage is sent to Hyperion.




The pilgrims arrive to Hyperion. The Ousters attack Hyperion to take it before the Time Vaults open. The Time Vaults open. Lenar Hoyt dies. From the cruciform he carried Paul Duré is resurrected. The Shrike removes one parasite from Duré. Duré is elected pope and takes the name Teilhard I. A fraction of the TechnoCore attempts to destroy mankind. Meina Gladstone destroys the WorldWeb isolating the TechnoCore. With the destruction of the Web the infrastructure of the Hegemony collapses. The Ousters and Hyperion sign a peace treaty. Birth of Aenea, daughter of John Keats and Brawne Lamia, who is able to step in Planck’s Space and who is a resolution of the differences between mankind and AIs.



After 2852

The Roman Catholic Church lead by Teilhard I gradually gains strength. The TechnoCore perfects the cruciform, solving the problem of the asexual and dumbing effect suffered by the Bikura. AIs move into the cruciforms in secret.




Teilhard I is killed. Lenar Hoyt is resurrected from his cruciform, and is elected pope under the name Julius VI. The TechnoCore contacts Julius VI. The pope becomes a servant of the Core; in return his Church receives the resurrection provided by the perfected cruciform and the spiritual and material power thus gained. The Church launches an aggressive Christianisation on the planets of the former Hegemony, rewarding the baptised with the cruciform. A new interstellar empire, the Pax is gradually built ruled by the Church. For centuries the Church is lead by the ever-resurrected pope Julius with increasingly higher number. Paul Duré, resurrected between the resurrections of Lenar Hoyt is invariably killed.




Death of Brawne Lamia. Aenea enters the Sphynx to travel to the future 263 years later.




A. Raddik becomes servant of Martin Silenus.




Hyperion joins the Pax. Rhadamanth Nemes kills the Consul.




Excommunication of Cardinal Kronenberg.



Appr. 2980

The Pax replaces the diminished population of Sibiatu’s Bitterness with fanatic Christians. To preserve their culture the original people of the planet, the Amoiete Spectrum Helix move with a slow ship to Vitus-Gray-Balianus B.



Appr. 3030

The Amoiete Spectrum Helix arrives to Vitus-Gray-Balianus B.




Barnard’s World joins the Pax.




Father Glaucus is exiled to Sol Draconi Septem for being a Teilhardian.




Death of Julius XIII. The resurrected Lenar Hoyt is elected pope as Julius XIV.




Birth of Raul Endymion.




Death of Trorbe Endymion.




Death of Kaltryn Cateyen Endymion.




Birth of Ces Ambre.




At the request of the TechnoCore the pope begins to have billions of non Christians rendered lifeless and shipped to the labyrinth worlds to satisfy the Core’s growing demand for computational power provided by human brains.




Raul Endymion rescues Aenea stepping out of the Sphynx from Pax soldiers. Aenea, Raul and A. Bettik escape from the pursuing Core and Church to Earth through the farcaster portals of the onetime river Tethys. On Earth, Aenea studies as apprentice of a cybrid architect for years.




Death of Julius XIV. The resurrected Lenar Hoyt is elected again. He now takes the name Urban XVI and launches a crusade to obliterate the Ousters. Raul leaves Earth to take the Consul’s ship to T’ien Shan. Aenea and her company leave Earth. During the next years Aenea visits several planets, teaches about the Void Which Binds and shares the nanovirus she carries with her followers enabling then to enter Planck’s Space (and get rid of the cruciform).




Aenea travels to the future, to 3138 with the Shrike.




Aenea and the Shrike return from the future, 3140.




Raul arrives to T’ien Shan where he is reunited with Aenea and her followers. Aenea takes her followers to every settled planet, then has herself taken into custody. Death of Urban XVI. Aenea is executed. Before dying she reveals the pact between Church and TechnoCore – and through the Void Which Binds Aenea’s followers transmit this moment to every human being. The Shared Moment causes rebellion Pax-wide. The Church is toppled, and the billions communing in Aenea’s blood get rid of their cruciforms, practically terminating the TechnoCore. Lenar Hoyt’s cruciform resurrects Paul Duré who gets rid of the parasite for good. The entities of Planck’s Space transport Earth back to the Solar System.




The Shrike and Aenea arrive from the past, 3133. Raul and Aenea get married. Death of Martin Silenus.




Birth of Petyr, son of Raul and Aenea.




Aenea and the Shrike return to the past, 3135.




Pax barbarians attack Vitus-Gray-Balianus B.




The people of the Amoiete Spectrum Helix leave Vitus-Gray-Balianus B in a spinship to find a planet for their own far from Aeneans and Ousters.




The ship of the Amoiete Spectrum Helix arrives to the system of the alien forest ring. The passengers discover that the giant vessel harassing the Ousters is the food, water and oxygen harvester of the intelligent aliens living under the surface of the neighbouring red giant. Learning about the presence of the Ousters the aliens reprogram their ship to harvest only unsettled regions of the forest ring. The Amoiete Spectrum Helix carries on its journey.



Copyright by Attila Torkos, 2005