Timeline of the Mythago Cycle



Compiled by Attila Torkos, April 12, 2005


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Appr. 30000 years ago

With the retreat of the Ice Age ice vast forests are born on Earth. Fear of the unknown monsters of the forests generates the Urscumug pre-mythago (image of the protector of forests) in the subconscious of people conquering the woods. Image of Lavondyss (the first mythical place, the First Forest) also develops in their subconscious.



Appr. 10000 B.C.

The image of the Daurog (a strange forest-dwelling species) develops in the subconscious of people of the Mesolith. The Daurog pre-mythagos later evolve into the solitary Green Jack or Hooded Robin pre-mythago.



Appr. 6000 B.C.

A small segment of the Ice Age forest in the area of later England successfully fights back wood-conquering folks. Thus the forest Ryhope Wood stays untouched during the next millennia and develops mythagogenetic properties due to the undisturbed time and life energy concentrating in it.



Appr. 4000 B.C.

Birth of the legend of Tig: Tig becomes one of mankind’s pre-mythagos.



Appr. 10 B.C.

Merlin meets Vivien. Caving Merlin’s magic, Vivien follow the magician for years and finally catches up with him. Merlin and Vivien fall in love but Vivien still wants Merlin’s magic. Arriving to Broceliande Merlin discovers that Vivien is now able to defeat him, so he creates seven children, ties his magic to them and sends them to wander the magic pathway travelling through the forest. Vivien kills Merlin’s body, only then realizing that his magic is gone. She buries Merlin in a shaft in Broceliande, but can’t escape the forest as Merlin chains her spirit to himself. Finally Vivien’s body dies in Broceliande. Merlin’s children regularly return to the forest, their shadow giving birth to migrating ghosts. Whoever dances in a ghost at the edge of the forest inherits a small segments of Merlin’s magic.




Birth of George Huxley.




Birth of Edward Wynne-Jones.




Birth of Harry Keeton (James Keeton`s son from his first marriage).




George Huxley discovers that the life energy of the ancient trees of Ryhope Wood near his house (Oak Lodge) can bring to “flesh and blood” life the images of mythic creatures of people`s subconscious in the form of mythagos (myth-imagos). He also discovers that the same process creates geistzones (mythago-places) from the mythic places of the subconscious, whereas our most ancient fears come to life as elementals (ghost mythagos) in the forest. Accompanied by Edward Wynne-Jones George starts to look for the location of pre-mythagos in the human brain. His purpose is to call forth the archtype of the Urscumug, first mythago of mankind.




Birth of Steven Huxley (George Huxley`s second son). Birth of Arnauld Lacan in Brittany, near Broceliande.




Birth of Conrad.




Birth of Eveline Mathilde Laroche.




George Huxley meets the mythago Ash generated from Steven’s subconscious and encounters the Bone Forest.



Appr. 1937

George falls in love with Guiwenneth, a mythago of his own subconscious.



December 1941

George discover the Shamiga, a mythago tribe in Ryhope Wood. From them he learns a version of the legend of Quiwenneth.




Christian Huxley (George Huxley`s elder son) goes to the army.



April 13, 1942

Wynne-Jones leaves his family and enters Ryhope Wood where according to the forest`s own time he lives alone for 2 years, then for 12 years with the mythago Amborioscantii people. Scathach, half human - half mythago son of Wynne-Jones and Elethandian is born. Later Wynne-Jones moves to the Tuthanach tribe that came to life from Harry Keeton`s subconscious, and lives with them for 10 years. He sends Scathach to bring news about him for his daughter, Anne Hayden.



May 1942

George discovers a mythago village in Ryhope Wood where he learns another version of Guiwenneth`s legend.




Arnauld Lacan travels to England.



February 1944

Conrad settles in Broceliande.



May 1944

Steven Huxley goes to the army. Jennifer Huxley (George`s wife) commits suicide.



September 1944

Birth of Tallis Keeton (James Keeton`s daughter from his second marriage).




Harry Keeton crashes with a plane in an ancient forest of France where the trees have the same power as in Ryhope Wood. Harry visits Lavondyss called forth from his subconscious, then leaves the forest. Arnauld Lacan returns to Broceliande. The forest charms him. As a result Lacan experiences the future fight of Merlin and Vivien in the bodies of Daniel Laroche and Rebecca as his own for years. Finally, when the charm is gone, he realizes that it was Broceliande’s doing. Because of this experience he later joins the mythago researcher Alexander Lytton. Christian Huxley returns from the army and immerses himself in his father`s research. He seduces Guiwenneth from George Huxley. Later George`s Guiwenneth mythago dies and Christian buries her without his father knowing it.




Birth of Alex Bradley (Richard Bradley`s son).



Spring 1946

Christian meets Guiwenneth arising from his own subconscious and follows her into the wood. He joins Kylhuk`s Legion, a group of mythagos that intend to free Mabon. Guiwenneth, who dies and is then temporarily resurrected, also travels with the Legion. Christian and Guiwenneth fall in love. The Legion wanders for 6 months according to the forest`s own time. Finally they find Mabon at the gate of the Otherworld. Christian frees Mabon from his prison. The temporarily resurrected Guiwenneth dies. Lead by Mabon Christian enters the Otherworld to bring back to life either his mother or Guiwenneth. In the end, however, he opts to bring back Issabeau, love of Anambioros. Christian returns to Oak Lodge. Later a new Guiwenneth arises from his subconscious.



November 1946

George Huxley dies. Christian carries on with his father`s research.



June 1947

A mythago kills Guiwenneth.



August 1947

Steven returns to Oak Lodge. Christian enters Ryhope Wood again to seek the new (the third) Guiwenneth mythago being born from his subconscious. The Urscumug (born from George`s subconscious) begins to pursue Christian who, according to the forest`s own time, keeps running from it for 15 years.



April 1948

Ryhope Wood begins to engulf Oak Lodge. Christian`s Guiwenneth visits Steven in Oak Lodge. Steven and Harry Keeton attempt to fly above Ryhope Wood but the forest won`t allow this. Guiwenneth moves in to Oak Lodge.



Augus 27, 1948

Christian returns to Oak Lodge leading an army of mythagos, kidnaps Guiwenneth and escapes back to the forest pursued by the Urscumug.



September 1948

Following Christian`s trail Steven and Harry Keeton enter Ryhope Wood. Christian`s army attacks them. Accompanied by the mythago Magidion Harry Keeton sets out to find the mythic place he found in the French forest. Christian, crazy by now, kills Guiwenneth. Steven catches up with Christian at the heart of the forest, the Lavondyss geistzone and accidentally kills him. The Urscumug takes Guiwenneth`s body to Lavondyss. Steven waits near Lavondyss for Guiwenneth`s return.



Christmas 1949

Wandering in Lavondyss, Harry Keeton sends three mythagos to Tallis Keeton so that she can find him. Tallis`s grandfather Owen asks the mythagos to wait till Tallis becomes older. Owen Keeton dies.



August 1952

Tallis visits Oak Lodge, now totally engulfed by Ryhope Wood. Later she starts carving masks.




A lake appears in Broceliande.



July 1956

Wielding on of her masks Tallis opens a window to a geistzone for a short while and hears Harry`s cry.



July 1957

Opening a window Tallis meddles with events unfolding in a geistzone which results in Harry Keeton being unable to leave Lavondyss.



August 1957

Tallis takes George Huxley`s diary from Oak Lodge.



After August 1957

Tallis opens window to a geistzone, through which Scathach comes through to bring news of Wynne-Jones to Anne Hayden. Tallis and Scathach return Huxley`s diary to Oak Lodge, then enter a geistzone to find Wynne-Jones and Harry Keeton. James Keeton witnesses his daughter disappearing in Ryhope Wood and finds her lost Moondream mask. James follows her daughter to the forest. Following a wandering of 8 years (forest`s time) Tallis and Scathach arrive to Wynne-Jones. Together they set out for Lavondyss. Later Wynne-Jones returns to the Tuthanach and Scathach dies in a battle. Tallis arrives to Lavondyss where she is transformed to a living tree. Later, with the death of the Tallis-tree Harry Keeton escapes Lavondyss. A Tuthanach, Tig kills Wynne-Jones. Tallis is resurrected but grows old and dies before Harry Keeton finds her.




Birth of Martin Laroche (son of Eveline and Albert Laroche) in the farm near Broceliande.



Autumn 1959

James Keeton returns from Ryhope Wood. Being in a catatonic state, he is transferred to a hospital.




Birth of Rebecca.



March 1960

Having watched through the Moondream mask Tallis getting old and dying, James Keeton himself dies. Alex Bradley, visiting James, peers through the mask and becomes catatonic.



Summer 1960

The catatonic Alex disappears from the hospital and enters Ryhope Wood. Alex`s mythagos slowly fill the forest and begin destroying George Huxley`s mythagos.




Alexander Lytton’s group of scientists (including Arnauld Lacan) establish Old Stone Hollow Station in Ryhope Wood to observe the forest and its mythagos.



May 1967

The scientists find Alex Bradley in a geistzone. They bring Alex`s father, Richard to Old Stone Hollow. Richard and the scientists enter Alex`s geistzone where the boy lives inside the walls of a ruined cathedral, his own mythago. The group is attacked. A mythago saves Richard Bradley and takes him to Oak Lodge. The scientists return to the station. 3 years (forest`s time) pass at the station during which some of the scientists die or disappear.



July 1967

Richard returns to Old Stone Hollow. 6 months of forest`s time pass. Jason arrives to the station in a Greek galley and captures Richard who later escapes. Richard returns to Alex`s cathedral with some scientists. They find Alex and together return to the station.




Rebecca’s parents die. Rebecca is adopted by the Laroche family. A ghost from Broceliande posesses Rebecca who kills Sebastian Laroche.




Martin Laroche leaves the farm near Broceliande.




Dacing in a ghost of Broceliande Rebecca inherits of part of Merlin’s song magic. Following her calling she leaves the family house and starts searching for songlines in the world.




Death of Albert Laroche.




Death of Eveline Laroche. Martin and Rebecca return to the farm near Broceliande and settle there. Rebecca concieves from Martin. Vivien posesses the body of the child growing in Rebecca. Seeing this Merlin steals the sight and hearing of the child.




Birth of Daniel Tristan Laroche (son of Martin and Rebecca). He turns out to be blind and deaf.




Vivien living in Daniel’s body starts stealing Rebecca’s speech and sight for herself. Merlin, who moved into Rebecca’s body is unable to stop this.




Death of Conrad. Rebecca loses her sight and speech completely. Daniel is now able to see and speak. Vivien and Merlin continue their fight in the bodies of mother and child. As a result Rebecca and Daniel drown in the lake of Broceliande. Martin and father Gaulzator realize that Merlin is buried in the heart of Broceliande and wants to escape. Martin digs out the shaft and lets Merlin out so that he could help him bring Rebecca and Daniel back to life. Merlin sends Martin over the edge of the wood to find the wandering ghost of Rebecca and take the song magic from her thus enabling him to bring his family back to life.