Timeline to the RAMA universe


Compiled by Attila Torkos

Szeged, Hungary


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Please note that all the events are put in order according to the calendar measured on Earth (Earth-time), but the date I mention first in case of multiple correlated dates is always the date of the actual time-frame (either particle being ship-time or Rama ship-time). In the case of these alternate time-frames I try to correlate them to Earth-time and to each other as often as the events described in the six books allow it. Any further such correlations would mainly be guessworks based on the already set or calculated correlations - they can, however, easily be done now, if the need arises.

The basis for calculating the dates of the events of Double Full Moon Night in correlation to Rama ship-time was mentioned in Rama Revealed: when Nicole finds Maria, she guesses that her mother Franzi must be about 35 years old. From here I backtracked Franzi's age along Rama ship-time until point of Johann's death, from which point Franzi's time-frame is that of one travelling with relativistic speed - though I neglected the fact that the particle beings' ship must have travelled with even greater relativistic speed than Rama. From Johann's death I kept on backtracking Franzi's age along Earth-time until the date of her birth, as she was not travelling with relativistic speed during this period.




particle being ship-time

Rama ship-time



appr. 20 billion years ago

Having created several alternate universes the Creator sets the initial parameters of our universe, then with the Big Bang starts the process that gives birth to our universe.



appr. 1 million years later

Observing the process from another dimension the Creator places a Prime Monitor into our universe.




The Prime Monitor copies itself into all the galaxies being born during the expansion of the universe. The Prime Monitors build several Nodes which all begin to observe, catalogue and evaluate the living beings and their interactions in the different sectors of the galaxies. They pass on their observations to the Prime Monitors which in turn forward these to the Creator later. The Node of the sector containing our Solar System dispatches one of its explorer ships, Rama.



2077 A.D.

A meteor crashes into the Mediterranean Sea devastating the area. To avoid similar disasters Space Defense is established.



November 11, 2111

Birth of Johann Eberhardt.




Birth of Kristin Larsen (later Sister Beatrice).




Space Defense discovers an alien spacecraft, Rama, on course toward the Sun. The spaceship Endeavour meets Rama. During the examination of the interior of Rama nothing is learned about its origin or builders but the fact that the ”Ramans do everything in threes”. The expedition leaves Rama as it approaches the Sun. Rama swallows energy from the Sun, accelerates and leaves the Solar System. The Raman Society is founded to observe unexplained phenomena connected to alien intelligence.




Knowing the Raman way of thinking two more alien spacecrafts are expected in the Solar System. The giant radar Excalibur is built to detect Rama-size objects from interstellar distances.




Beginning of the Great Chaos, the collapse of Earth’s economy.




Rise of Christian preacher Michael Balatresi.



June 28, 2138

Death of Michael Balatresi.




Space colonies are gradually abandoned due to the collapse of economy.



February 2141

Johann Eberhardt, Sister Beatrice and some others meet tiny, shiny floating spheres (the particle beings) of unknown origin.



June 2141

Johann and Beatrice travel to Mars.




By now only the Lunar and Martian colonies keep functioning. The Martian colony is slowly emptied.



December 2143

Johann and others discover an artificial cavern system of unknown origin near the Martian pole. The particle beings build a starship at the pole. The starship leaves Mars and then the Solar System with Johann, Beatrice and others on board. The group of humans in the starship begins to thrive.




Benita Garcia organizes a rescue party for the last group arriving home from Mars.




Birth of Maria, daughter of Sister Beatrice. Death of Beatrice.




Economy stabilizes and growth starts.




The particle beings’ starship accelerates to relativistic speed.



January 6, 2164

Birth of Nicole des Jardins.




Humanity begins to re-conquer the Solar System.




John Paul V is pope.




Michael Balatresi is canonized as St. Michael of Siena.




The Excalibur discovers the second Rama on course toward the Solar System.



2167 (particle being ship-time) = appr. 2197 (Earth-time)

The particle being ship decelerates to normal speed, then places the humans on a planet. The colony thrives, then diminishes during the double full moon nights.




The spaceship Newton meets the second Rama. Rama alters its course toward Earth. Humans panic and plan to detonate Rama. The expedition leaves Rama, but Richard Wakefield, Michael Ryan O’Toole and Nicole des Jardins who in the meantime met intelligent aliens get stuck in Rama. Earth sends missiles against Rama. Rama destroys the missiles and leaves the Solar System with the three humans on board.



after 2200

The Council of Governments gradually becomes the guiding institute of Earth’s countries.



December 29, 2200

Birth of Simone Tiasso Wakefield.



May 30-July 22, 2201

Rama accelerates to relativistic speed.



March 13, 2203

Birth of Catherine Colin Wakefield.



May 7, 2205

Richard leaves his family, contacts the octospiders.



August 30, 2206

Birth of Benjamin Ryan O’Toole.




Death of David Brown.



March 8, 2208

Birth of Patrick Erin O’Toole.



February 4, 2209

Richard returns to his family.




Death of Irina Turgenyev.




Civil war in Korea.




Birth of Eleanor Joan Wakefield.



2183 (particle being ship-time) = appr. 2213 (Earth-time)

Birth of Franzi.




Death of Otto Heilmann.



July 4-August 20, 2213

Rama decelerates to normal speed, arrives to the Node near Sirius.



August 20, 2213-January 13, 2215

An intelligent biot of the Node, the Eagle greets the travellers. They are passed through several examinations and meet intelligent aliens. With the Eagle’s guiding the humans help with designing a habitat for two thousand humans in Rama destined to return to Earth. Marriage of Michael and Simone.



January 13, 2215 (Rama ship-time) = appr. 2218 (Earth-time)

The refurnished Rama departs with the humans for the octospider planet, then the avian planet, finally for Earth with relativistic speed. Michael and Simone stay at the Node.




General Joao Pereira is leader of Brazil.



2197 (particle being ship-time) = appr. 2221 (Rama ship-time) = appr. 2227 (Earth-time)

The last members of the colony including Johann die during a double full moon night. The particle beings save Rowen and Franzi and take them away from the planet.They accelerate to relativistic speed.




The particle beings’ ship reaches Rama also travelling with relativistic speed. Franzi and Rowen are delivered to the octospiders.




Rama’s radio message arrives to Earth telling it to compile a group of two thousand humans to be moved into Rama’s habitat.



2234 (Rama ship-time) = 2245 (Earth-time)

The ”third” Rama decelerates to normal speed and arrives to Earth. The two thousand humans move into the secluded habitat New Eden. Rama ship-time is set to match Earth-time. Rama accelerates to relativistic speed and leaves the Solar System.




Marriage of Robert Turner and Eleanor Wakefield. Having assassinated governor Kenji Watanabe the crime lord Toshio Nakamura becomes leader of New Eden. Despite the prohibition humans move outside of New Eden and begin a war against the avian-myrmicat inhabitants of the near habitat, almost completely erasing them. Richard’s family and friends escape from New Eden to the island of New York.




Birth of Nicole Turner. The octospiders living in the southern hemicylinder of Rama - who paid attention to the behaviour of humans from the beginning - contact Richard’s family offering them refuge in the Emerald City.




Marriage of Eponine and Max Puckett. Fleeing the human expansion in the northern hemicylinder Richard’s family and friends move to the Emerald City. Birth of Marius Clyde Puckett. Marriage of Nai Watanabe Buatong and Patrick O’Toole. Humans start a war against the octospiders. Birth of Maria, daughter of Franzi and Rowen.




Richard returns to New Eden to negotiate with Nakamura. Nakamura kills Richard. Catherine Wakefield kills Nakamura, then commits suicide. The octospiders send an ultimatum to the humans who ignore this. The octospiders begin a devastating counter-attack against humans. Death of Franzi and Rowen. Nicole finds Maria. The Eagle and others appear in Rama. They disarm everyone and put them to sleep.



2269 (Rama ship-time) = appr. 2280 (Earth-time)

Rama decelerates to normal speed and arrives at a Node near Tau Ceti. Antisocial individuals of every species including Galileo Watanabe (and Nai + Patrick following him) are taken to the Carrier. The others stay on the Node. It turns out that Simone Wakefield, Michael O’Toole and several of their descendants are on this Node. The Eagle tells Nicole the purpose of the Node and the intentions of the Creator. Death of Nicole des Jardins.




Maria visits a ship of the particle beings near the Node. From a reconstructed Johann Eberhardt she learns her family’s story.