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Appr. 5500 B.C.

The Time Before The Moon. The ancestors of Maharet and Mekare track the origins of the Great Family this far back in time.




The Coming of the Moon. According to ancient legends the Moon arrives to its Earth orbit followed by floods, earthquakes and storms.



Before 4000 B.C.

Birth of Maharet and Mekare, twin witches of the Great Family on Mount Carmel.



Appr. 4000 B.C.

Queen Akasha and king Enkil of Egypt slaughters the people of Mount Carmel and brings the twins to Egypt to learn their witchcraft. The twins refuse to share their knowledge. Akasha has them raped by Khayman and lets them go home. Birth of Miriam, daughter of Maharet and Khayman. Akasha and Enkil are killed by enemies. The spirit Amel, once a mortal man who longs for a material body again, moves into the body of Akasha and transforms her into an immortal vampire. Akasha makes Enkil a vampire. Akasha asks for the twins’ help which they refuse. Akasha condemns them to death. Before the execution Akasha makes Khayman a vampire. Khayman makes Maharet and Mekare vampires and rescues them. They make many vampires to fight Akasha and Enkil. Finally Maharet and Mekare are captured and taken to the east and the west in stone sarcophagi. They later break free but cannot find each other. Mekare, who drifts to South America, paints the "Legend of the Twins" on cave walls.



Appr. 3980 B.C.

Maharet returns to Mt. Carmel and tells Miriam her story of becoming a vampire. Tracking the descendants of her daughter throughout the world Maharet becomes the caretaker of the Great Family.



Appr. 3780 B.C.

Maharet records the names of the descendants of the Great Family's first 200 years, and the names of her own ancestors back to the Time Before the Moon.




Vampires spread everywhere playing the role of blood gods, fertility gods, gods of the grove. Sometimes they make war to each other. Akasha and Enkil are held captive for a long time, their blood regularly sucked by vampires.



Appr. 3000 B.C.

Akasha and Enkil move less and less, and finally stop moving and speaking altogether.



Appr. 2700 B.C.

The witch ancestors of Merrick Mayfair on her great-great-grandmother's maternal line originate here in an unknown red Indian culture.



Appr. 2030 B.C.

Birth of Ashlar on the isle of the Taltos.



Appr. 2000 B.C.

The isle of the Taltos is destroyed. The Taltos flee to the British Isles, where the cold winters decimate their numbers. The biggest group lead by Ashlar experiences a major social evolution over the centuries: their earlier, almost childish lives are replaced by a more highly civilised hunter-gatherer culture. They meet the Beaker Folk, primitive people of the Isles. They build the stone circles of the Isles, the inner two circles of Stonehenge among them.



1279-1213 B.C.

Rule of Ramses II. Ramses gets an elixir from a Hittite priestess which makes him immortal.



Appr. 1270 B.C.

Birth of Meneptah, son of Ramses II.



1213 B.C.

Meneptah, nearing sixty, wants to become immortal. He tries to force his father to reveal his secret of immortality, but Ramses does not give him the elixir. Ramses arranges his own death, leaves the throne of Egypt to Meneptah and sets out to roam the world.




Rule of Ramses III. Ramses II, the immortal tries to cease his existence in vain. He then goes to Ramses III and becomes the pharaoh’s advisor. After the death of Ramses III he becomes the advisor of several consecutive pharaohs.



Appr. 1030 B.C.

Birth of Eric.



Appr. 1000 B.C.

Maharet makes Eric a vampire.



Appr. 700-400 B.C.

Celtic peoples settle the British Isles from Europe and begin to slaughter the Taltos. The Taltos withdraw to the Scottish Highlands. Ashlar's people settle in the valley of Donnelaith. In a hundred years the Taltos almost completely disappear from the British Isles. Taltos and humans mix in some places, producing wild Taltos and Little People. Taltos genes mix into some human bloodlines, mainly those of witch families. As a tool of survival Ashlar's Donnelaith Clan becomes the Pict people.




Avicus is made a vampire in Egypt. He later becomes a god of the grove in Britain.



Appr. 560 B.C.

Birth of Azriel to a Jewish family in Babylon.



Appr. 550 B.C.

Ramses the immortal goes underground to sleep. He tells the priests to wake him if any of Egypt’s rulers needs his advice.



539 B.C.

Babylonian priests kill Azriel to make a new god from his spirit who would sanctify Kyros’ rule in Babylon. Some priest boil Azriel’s bones in gold, thus binding his ghost to the bones: Azriel becomes Servant of the Bones.



Appr. 500 B.C.

Arion is made a vampire.



Appr. 347 B.C.

Birth of Eudoxia.



332 B.C.

Founding of Alexandria. Eudoxia moves to Alexandria where she is made a vampire.



69 B.C.

Birth of Cleopatra VII.



56 B.C.

Cleopatra wakes Ramses. They fall in love.



51-30 B.C.

Rule of Cleopatra VII. Ramses becomes her advisor.



48 B.C.

Cleopatra becomes Julius Caesar’s lover.



44 B.C.

Death of Julius Caesar.



42 B.C.

Cleopatra becomes Mark Antony’s lover.



40 B.C.

Cleopatra marries Mark Antony.



30 B.C.

Mark Antony commits suicide. Cleopatra begs Ramses to help Mark but Ramses refuses to give him the elixir. Mark Antony dies. Cleopatra commits suicide. Ramses goes to his tomb to sleep a timeless sleep.



Appr. 30 B.C.

Birth of Marius.



15 B.C.

Birth of Lydia (later Pandora).



11 B.C.

Birth of Flavius.



5 B.C.

Lydia meets Marius for the first time.



4 A.D.

The Elder moves Akasha and Enkil to the sun. The vampires burn and many die throughout the world. Avicus survives the great fire. A Celtic druid, Mael kidnaps Marius to make him a god of the grove for his people to replace their burned god. The previous god of the grove makes Marius a vampire. Hearing Akasha’s call Marius leaves Mael’s people, seeks out Akasha and Enkil and becomes their keeper. He moves them from Egypt to Antioch. The Celts want Mael to become their god and send him to Britain where a vampire might transform him. Avicus makes Mael a vampire and together the escape the faithful of the forest.




Marius plans to cease the purposeless existence of all vampires by destroying Akasha and Enkil.



19 A.D.

Lydia changes her name to Pandora. Akasha causes Marius to make Pandora a vampire, this way ensuring the continued existence of the vampires.




Pandora makes Flavius a vampire.




Arion buys and liberates the gladiator Petronia. They move to Pompeii.




The Vesuvius destroys Pompeii. Arion and Petronia escape from the city. Later Arion makes Petronia a vampire.




With the spread of Christianity vampire-gods are declared evil throughout the world and they gradually die out. They are replaced by superstitious, religious vampires, the Children of Darkness, who regard themselves as servants of the devil. Vampires forget their origins throughout the world.




Marius leaves Pandora, moves to Rome. He hides Akasha and Enkil in a shrine near Rome. He meets Mael and Avicus in Rome. Later he tries to find Pandora in vain.




Alaric’s troops conquer Rome. Marius settles for a long sleep in Akasha’s shrine.



Appr. 486

Birth of Zenobia.



Appr. 500

Zenobia becomes a vampire.



Appr. 510

Marius wakes. Together with Mael and Avicus he moves Akasha and Enkil to Constantinople. Eudoxia attacks them, demanding Akasha and Enkil. Akasha kills Eudoxia.



After 565

Marius moves Akasha and Enkil to the Italian Alps where he builds them a new shrine.




Ashlar is converted to Christianity by St. Columba.




Beginning of Christianity in Donnelaith. Ashlar tries to convert his people – the only remaining Taltos community – to Christianity. Some Taltos do not accept the new faith. A fight begins, during which the humans of Donnelaith realize the difference of Ashlar’s people and practically annihilate them. Death of Janet, wife of Ashlar. Ashlar survives the massacre. He builds a church in Donnelaith, then leaves the settlement. Later the legend of St. Ashlar reborn arises, as the mating of witches and Little People sometimes produces a Taltos.




A group of scholars found an order to observe witches, spirits, vampires and other "supernatural" phenomena. Ashlar is present at the founding. One purpose of the order is to arrange and observe the mating of a Taltos pair.




Azim settles in a temple in the Himalayas. He drinks the blood of pilgrims arriving to the temple during the next 1000 years.



11th century

The order of supernatural observers takes the name Talamasca.



Appr. 1059

Castle Lorwich is built in East Anglia. It later becomes the Talamasca’s Motherhouse.




Founding of the order of the Knights Templar.



Appr. 1159

Pandora makes Arjun a vampire in India.




Marius settles for a long sleep in the shrine in the Alps.




St. Ashlar’s church is rebuilt and extended to become a cathedral.




Ashlar visits Donnelaith, where he learns the legend of St. Ashlar reborn.



Appr. 1250

Ursula becomes a vampire.




Maharet makes Thorne a vampire.




The king of France accuses the Knights Templar with heresy. Members of the order are submitted to inquisition and burned throughout Europe. The persecuted Knights Templar trust their wealth to the Talamasca in secret.




The inquisition executes Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar. The Talamasca inherits the wealth of the order.




Beginning of the Black Death in Europe. Thorne goes North and settles for a long sleep in an ice cave.



Appr. 1350

During the reign of the Black Death Santino is made a vampire.




Birth of Vittorio di Raniari.




Birth of Bartola di Raniari.




Birth of Matteo di Raniari.




Ursula makes Vittorio a vampire.



Appr. 1474

Birth of Bianca Solderini.




Birth of Raymond Gallant.



Appr. 1480

The alchemist Magnus digs up a sleeping vampire and drinks from him the blood that gives immortality. Magnus becomes a vampire.




Birth of Andrei (later Amadeo, then Armand) in Kiev.




Marius wakes.



Appr. 1492

Marius buys a palace in Venice and settles for civil life.




Andrei is kidnapped by slave traders and sold to Marius. Marius names him Amadeo and begins to teach him so that someday he may become his immortal vampire companion.




Marius makes Amadeo a vampire.




Marius meets Raymond Gallant, who as a scholar of the Talamasca, has been observing him for years. The Children of Darkness lead by Santino burn Marius and kidnap Amadeo. They take him to Rome and convert him to their faith. His name is changed to Armand. Marius makes Bianca a vampire, who helps him recover from his burns.




Armand becomes the leader of the Paris coven of the Children of Darkness.



December, 1535

Birth of Lasher, son of Anne Boleyn and Douglas of Donnelaith. Lasher grows to full height in hours. His witch father thinks him to be Ashlar reborn of the folk legends. Lasher goes to study in Italy.



Appr. 1559

Santino’s faith in serving Satan collapses. He disappears, and the Roman coven of the Children of Darkness falls apart.




Marius visits Raymond in Lorwich. From Raymond he learns that Pandora is travelling about in Europe with and Indian vampire.



December, 1559

Lasher is called home to Scotland by his father.



December 24, 1559

A member of the Talamasca identifies Lasher as a Taltos and tells him the story of the Taltos. John Knox’s protestants attack Donnelaith and destroy St. Ashlar’s cathedral. Lasher is killed, his ghost remains earthbound.




Death of Raymond Gallant.




Birth of Petyr van Abel.




Birth of Deborah Mayfair, daughter of Suzanne Mayfair and the Earl of Donnelaith.




Petyr is adopted by the Talamasca, later he becomes a member of the order.



Appr. 1658

Suzanne calls up the spirit of Lasher in Donnelaith. The summoning strengthens Lasher, who starts to long for being flesh again.




Marius moves to the neighbourhood of Dresden with Bainca, Akasha and Enkil, where Pandora is supposed to appear. Marius finds Pandora, but she is unable to leave her companion Arjun. Pandora and Arjun travel to Russia. Bianca leaves Marius.




Suzanne Mayfair is burned for witchcraft. Petyr van Abel, scholar of the Talamasca takes Deborah Mayfair to the Amsterdam Motherhouse.




Against the advice of the Talamasca Deborah summons Lasher and starts to build a huge fortune with his help. She leaves the Motherhouse and soon moves to Montcleve where she keeps on practicing her witchcraft.




Birth of Charlotte Mayfair from the short love affair of Deborah and Petyr.




Death of Geetruid van Stolk, witch and member of the Talamasca.




Charlotte marries Antoine Fontenay.



September, 1689

Deborah is condemned for witchcraft. Charlotte escapes to Saint-Domingue. Deborah commits suicide. Upon her death the castle of Donnelaith is destroyed by fire, the Earl of Donnelaith dies. Charlotte becomes a plantation owner on Saint-Domingue. She manipulates Lasher by witchcraft and builds up a large fortune.



October, 1689

Against the Talamasca's orders Petyr follows his daughter to Haiti to warn her against using Lasher. Charlotte conceives from her father. Death of Petyr van Abel.




Birth of Peter and Jeanne Louise Mayfair, twin children of Charlotte and Petyr.



After 1690

The Talamasca carries on observing the Mayfair family. Witchcraft is present in almost every generation in the family, mainly in women. The family grows wealthier and larger all the time. Lasher, who keeps getting stronger, serves the witch of every generation, sometimes making them mate within the family. Inbreeding strengthens witch abilities in the newer generations, while Lasher steers the family's gene pool toward the production of the thirteenth witch who would make Lasher's reincarnation possible.




Marius moves Akasha and Enkil to an isle of the Aegean Sea.




Birth of Angélique Mayfair, daughter of Jeanne Louise and Peter.




Birth of Gabrielle.




Death of Charlotte Mayfair.




Angélique Mayfair marries Vincent St. Christophe.




Birth of Lestat de Lioncourt.




Birth of Nicolas de Lenfent.

Birth of Marie Claudette Mayfair, daughter of Angélique and Vincent St. Christophe.




Birth of Louis de Pointe du Lac.




Death of Jeanne Louise and Peter Mayfair.



Appr. 1773

The Talamasca's English group moves into the building of the London Motherhouse.




Lestat goes to Paris to become an actor.



Beginning of 1780, winter

Magnus makes Lestat a vampire, then burns himself. Lestat makes her mother, Gabrielle a vampire. In Paris they meet Armand and convince him of the fault of his faith. Armand burns the coven of the Children of Darkness. Lestats found the Theater of the Vampires. Lestat makes Nicolas de Lenfent a vampire.



May, 1780

Upon Armand’s story Lestat begins to search for Marius, leaving him messages throughout the world.




The Children of Darkness are replaced everywhere by a new, enlightened type of vampire.




Revolution in France. Nicolas de Lenfent burns himself. Lestat's father escapes to New Orleans. Marius seeks out Lestat, tells him the story of the vampires and shows him Akasha and Enkil. Lestat goes to New Orleans. Birth of Claudia.

Marie Claudette Mayfair moves the Mayfair family from Saint-Domingue to Louisiana, and establishes La Victoire plantation at Riverbend.




Lestat makes Louis de Pointe du Lac a vampire.




Lestat and Louis leave Pointe du Lac, move to New Orleans.



September 21, 1794

Lestat makes Claudia a vampire.




Birth of Marguerite Mayfair, daughter of Marie Claudette and Henry Marie Landry.




Armand meets Bianca in Paris.



Appr. 1813

Birth of Octavius.




Marguerite Mayfair marries Tyrone Clifford McNamara.




Death of Henry Marie Landry.




Birth of Augustine Mayfair. Birth of Francois Mayfair.





Birth of Rémy Mayfair.




Birth of Julien Mayfair, son of Marguerite and Tyrone McNamara.




Death of Tyrone McNamara. Marguerite marries Arlington Kerr. Six months later Arlington disappears.




Birth of Katherine Mayfair, daughter of Marguerite and Arlington Kerr.




Death of Marie Claudette Mayfair.



September 21, 1836

Louis presents Claudia a diary for her birthday.




Birth of Manfred Blackwood.




Julien accidentally shoots Augustin Mayfair. Augustin's son, Tobias moves his branch of the Mayfair family to the Fontevrault plantation.




Birth of Edith Savarell.




Birth of Arthur Langtry, a witch specialist of the Talamasca.




Katherine Mayfair marries Darcy Monahan. The buy property on First Street in New Orleans and start building a house.




Katherine and Darcy move into the First Street house in New Orleans.




Birth of Clay Mayfair. Birth of Elliott Savarell.




Louis and Claudia try to kill Lestat. Lestat is weakened but survives. Louis and Claudia go to Europe to look for the vampires of the Old World. They find Armand and the Theater of the Vampires in Paris. Lestat follows Louis and Claudia to Paris. Death of Claudia. The Theater of the Vampires is burned. Armand and Louis leave Paris.




Lestat returns to New Orleans from Europe.




Birth of Vincent Mayfair.




Death of Darcy Monahan. Katherine moves back to Riverbend.




Birth of Mary Beth Mayfair, daughter of Katherine and Julien.




Julien marries Suzette Mayfair. Birth of Irene Flaurent Mayfair (Great Nananne).




Birth of Cortland Mayfair, son of Julien and Suzette.




Birth of Richard Llewellyn. Manfred Blackwood and Julien agree that Mayfair and Mayfair will handle Blackwood family’s financial matters.




Manfred buys property near Sugar Devil Swamp and starts building Blackwood Manor.




Building of the Mayfair house on Amelia Street. Later Tobias moves his branch of the family here from Fontevrault.

Birth of Henry Stratford.




Death of Suzette Mayfair.




Death of Virginia Lee, wife of Manfred. Manfred discovers Sugar Devil Island. He meets Rebecca Stanford, and they travel to Europe. In Naples Manfred meets Petronia.




Julien and Mary Beth Mayfair travel to Europe. Death of Victor Gregoire. Manfred and Rebecca return to the States. Manfred builds the Hermitage on the island.





Julien and Mary Beth purchase the Donnelaith ruins and start an excavation. Birth of Belle Mayfair.




Julien, Mary Beth and Belle return from Europe.

Birth of Alex Savarell.

Rebecca blackmails Manfred to force him to marry her. Manfred and Petronia kill Rebecca.




Death of Marguerite Mayfair.




Birth of Julie Stratford.




Birth of Stuart Townsend.




The Mississippi floods Riverbend. The main branch of the Mayfair family moves from La Victoire to the First Street house.



February 11, 1897

Death of Daniel McIntyre's mother.




Death of Rémy Mayfair.



January 15, 1899

Mary Beth Mayfair marries Daniel McIntyre.




Birth of (Ancient) Evelyn Mayfair, daughter of Barbara Ann and Cortland. Barbata Ann dies at delivery.



September 1, 1899

Birth of Carlotta Mayfair, daughter of Mary Beth and Daniel McIntyre.



November 2, 1900

Birth of Lionel Mayfair, son of Mary Beth and Daniel McIntyre.



October 10, 1901

Birth of Stella Louise Mayfair, daughter of Julien and Mary Beth.




Armand leaves Louis. Louis goes to San Francisco.




Birth of Stuart Gordon. Later he becomes a member of the Talamasca.



January 2, 1905

Death of Katherine Mayfair.




Daniel McIntyre becomes a judge. During a delirious fever Stuart Townsend is possessed by the ghost of Antoinette Fielding.




Birth of Randall Mayfair.




Birth of Sheffield Mayfair.




Birth of Pierce Mayfair. Birth of Lily Mayfair. Birth of Grady Breen.




Julien Mayfair takes Evelyn Mayfair from the Amelia Street house to the First Street house. Birth of Laura Lee Mayfair, daughter of Julien and Evelyn.




Birth of Felice Mayfair.

Lawrance Stratford discovers the tomb and body of Ramses II the immortal. Henry Stratford kills Lawrance for his money. Ramses awakens. Ramses and Julie Stratford fall in love. Ramses discovers the mummified corpse of Cleopatra VII in an Egyptian museum and wakes her with the elixir. Cleopatra kills Henry. Ramses gives the elixir to Elliott Savarell and Julie, who drink it and become immortal.



1914, middle of summer

Death of Julien Mayfair.




After a head injury Antoinette Fielding’s ghost leaves Stuart Townsend who regains his original self. Birth of Joan Cross, who later becomes a member of the Talamasca. Ashlar moves to America.

Birth of Lorraine Blackwood, daughter of Julien Mayfair and Grace Blackwood.




Birth of David Talbot. Birth of Peter Mayfair.




Stuart Townsend joins the Talamasca.





Birth of Nancy Mayfair. Death of Louise Mayfair.




Birth of Aaron Lightner.



November, 1921

Birth of Antha Mayfair, daughter of Stella and Cortland.




Birth of Dr. Jack.




Birth of Raglan James.

Birth of Ellen Louise Mayfair (Ellie). Birth of Beatrice Mayfair.




Stella Mayfair sends a message to the Talamasca on the back of a photograph. Birth of Lauren Mayfair.

Petronia makes Manfred Blackwood a vampire.



May, 1925

Mary Beth Mayfair is diagnosed with cancer.



September 12, 1925

Death of Mary Beth Mayfair.



December, 1925

Death of Daniel McIntyre.




Stella Mayfair gathers thirteen Mayfair witches to bring Lasher through according to the prophecy. The attempt is fruitless. Aaron Lightner is presented to the Talamasca by his father because of his telekinetic ability. The Talamasca teaches Aaron how to use his psychic abilities. From now on Aaron is in regular contact with the Talamasca.




Lestat moves underground in New Orleans to heal and sleep. Birth of Jonathan Ben Isaac.



June, 1929

With the Talamasca’s permission Stuart Townsend makes contact with Stella Mayfair. He later meets a violent death in the First Street Mayfair house.



August, 1929

Arthur Langtry investigates Stuart Townsend’s disappearance. He meets Stuart’s ghost in the Mayfair house. Stella asks Arthur to help her and take her to the Talamasca. Lionel Mayfair shoots Stella, then goes crazy. He is taken to a psychiatry ward.



September 7, 1929

Death of Arthur Langtry.



November 6, 1929

Death of Lionel Mayfair.




Birth of Thomas Blackwood (Pops).




Death of Emilie Blanchard.




Birth of Ryan Mayfair. Aaron Lightner moves into the Talamasca’s London Motherhouse.




Birth of Stirling Oliver.



April, 1938

Antha Mayfair runs away from home, moves in with Sean Lacy in New York.




Birth of Michael Curry.



July 1, 1941

Death of Sean Lacy. Antha Mayfair is taken home to New Orleans.



October 4, 1941

Birth of Deirdre Mayfair, daughter of Antha and Sean Lacy.



December 10, 1941

Death of Antha Mayfair.




Aaron Lightner becomes a member of the Talamasca.




Birth of Gifford Mayfair, daughter of Laura Lee.




Death of Cornell Mayfair.



After 1945

An archaeologist finds Mekare’s cave paintings in Peru.




Birth of Roger Flynn.




Death of Barclay Mayfair.




Birth of Jessica Reeves, a descendant of the Great Family.

Birth of Gretchen.




Death of Garland Mayfair. Death of Grady Mayfair. Death of Amanda Grady Mayfair.




Death of Sheffield Mayfair. Death of Irwin Dandrich.




Birth of Daniel Molloy.




Ellie Mayfair marries Graham Franklin.




Birth of Edith Mayfair. Birth of Honey Isabella Mayfair.

Death of John McQueen.




Death of Elaine Barrett, a witch specialist of the Talamasca.




Aaron Lightner begins observing the Mayfair family in New Orleans. Cortland tries to poison Aaron.




Cortland Mayfair rapes Deirdre. Death of Richard Llewellyn.



October, 1959

Death of Cortland Mayfair.



November 7, 1959

Birth of Rowan Mayfair, daughter of Deirdre and Cortland. Immediately after her birth Carlotta takes her to San Francisco to foster parents (Ellie and Graham) to separate her from the family’s bane, Lasher. Rowan grows up without knowing anything about the Mayfair family and the background of her strong witch powers.




Birth of Yuri Stefano.




Birth of Merrick Marie Louise Mayfair.




Death of Yuri Stefano’s father.




Birth of Alicia Mayfair, daughter of Laure Lee.

Birth of Patsy Blackwood. Birth of Jasmine. Birth of Kevin Mayfair.




Birth of Gerald Mayfair. Birth of Hamilton Mayfair.




Birth of Marklin George. Birth of Tommy Monohan.




Death of Vervain Mayfair.




Birth of Sybelle. Birth of Theodora Flynn.

Yuri Stefano is adopted by the Talamasca. The Talamasca begins to educate him in Amsterdam.




Jesse Reeves meets Maharet, caretaker of the Great Family for the first time, unaware that Maharet and her companions are vampires.




Merrick Mayfair and her family depart on an expedition to find the cave of their red Indian ancestors in Guatemala. Death of Matthew Kemp. Death of Sandra Mayfair and Honey Isabella Mayfair.

Birth of Mary Jane Mayfair.




Death of Aaron Lightner’s father.




Jesse Reeves begins to work for the Talamasca.



Appr. 1975

Marius moves to America with Akasha and Enkil.




Daniel Molloy makes an interview with Louis. From the recorded material he writes the book Interview with the Vampire. After the interview he seeks out Lestat’s house where he meets Armand. He becomes Armand’s companion.

Merrick Mayfair joins the Talamasca. Death of Great Nananne.

Birth of David Mayfair. Yuri Stefano completes his studies in Amsterdam and goes to Oxford for further studies.




Interview with the Vampire is published under the pseudonym Anne Rice.



November, 1976

Birth of Mona Mayfair, daughter of Alicia and Patrick.



September, 1978

Birth of Benjy (Mayfair?).




Death of Millie Mayfair. Marklin George and Tommy Monohan meet.

Birth of Tarquin Anthony Blackwood (Quinn) and Garwain Blackwood, twin children of Patsy Blackwood. Garwain dies a few days later. His ghost remains earthbound. He attaches to Quinn and „grows up” with him. Later Quinn – who knows nothing about Garwain’s birth and death – thinks his companion a spirit and names him Goblin.




David Talbot, Superior General of the Talamasca trusts Jesse Reeves to investigate the vampires. Jesse finds Claudia’s diary in the old New Orleans home of Lestat. The diary becomes the Talamasca’s property.

Yuri Stefano finishes his Oxford studies.




Birth of Benjamin.




Death of Gravier Blackwood.




Lestat comes out of the ground. Upon reading Interview with the Vampire he begins to make music with the rock group Satan’s Night Out. He changes the band’s name to The Vampire Lestat.

Death of Pierce Mayfair the elder.




Lestat reveals the story of the vampires to the world in the novel The Vampire Lestat under the pseudonym Anne Rice. Upon reading The Vampire Lestat Jesse Reeves realizes the truth about Maharet and the vampires. Hearing Lestat’s music Akasha breaks her millennia-long trance. She sucks Enkil’s blood and leaves Marius’s refuge. She ignites most of the world’s vampires, Azim among them. Armand makes Daniel Molloy a vampire. Concert of The Vampire Lestat. Maharet makes Jesse Reeves a vampire. Akasha kidnaps Lestat and makes him immensely strong with her blood. With Lestat on her side she intends to make the world free of wars, ruled by women, killing most of the men. Mekare comes out of hiding, kills Akasha and to provide a material body for Amel she eats Akasha’s heart and brain. Maharet hides Mekare.



1985, autumn’s end – winter

Merrick Mayfair and David Talbot seek out the ancient cave in Guatemala and take a magic mask from the cave.

Lestat begins writing the novel The Queen of the Damned.



January, 1986

Lestat befriends David Talbot. Lestat finishes writing The Queen of the Damned.




Yuri Stefano becomes a member of the Talamasca.




Erich Stolov begins to work for the Talamasca.



1987, autumn

Death of Sister Bridget Mary.



January, 1988

Death of Nancy Mayfair.




The Queen of the Damned is published under the pseudonym Anne Rice.

Death of Graham Franklin. Death of Ellie Mayfair.

Raglan James is ill with incurable cancer. To save his soul from death he pushes out the soul of a 24-year-old man from his body and moves into the body.

Birth of Tommy Harrison, son of Pops and Terry Sue.




Stuart Gordon discovers a Taltos woman, Tessa in India. Without telling the Talamasca he takes her to England and hides her in his refuge.



May 1, 1989

Michael Curry drowns in the sea in San Francisco. Rowan Mayfair saves him and resuscitates him.



August, 1989

Michael and Rowan fall in love. Michael travels to New Orleans where Aaron Lightner tells him the story of the Mayfair family. Deirdre Mayfair dies. Learning about her death Rowan travels to New Orleans and learns the story of the Mayfair family. Death of Carlotta Mayfair. Aaron contacts Rowan. Michael and Rowan move into the First Street Mayfair house. Rowan conceives a child from Michael.



November 1, 1989

Michael and Rowan get married. After the wedding Rowan, the 13th Mayfair witch gradually gets under Lasher’s influence.



December 1989

David Talbot resigns his post of Superior General. His position is taken by Anton Marcus.



December 24, 1989

Lasher makes Rowan abort, then reincarnates in the fetus, transforming it to an adult in minutes. Rowan and Lasher disappear. Lasher and Rowan travel to Europe, later to Donnelaith.



beginning of 1990

Lestat switches bodies with Raglan James for a few days. James runs away in Lestat’s body. With David Talbot’s help Lestat finds James and regains his body. Unbeknownst to Lestat, James pushes David out of his body and moves into it. David’s soul is forced to settle in James’s young body. Posing as David Talbot, James finds Lestat and asks him to make him an immortal vampire. Lestat realizes that it is James in David’s old body who tries to become a vampire, and kills the old body with James’s soul in it.

Mona Mayfair seduces Michael Curry. Rowan secretly sends blood and tissue samples of Lasher for gene analysis. Lasher turns out to be something else than human, an intelligent being with 92 chromosomes. Upon this discovery the Mayfair family is gene-mapped: it turns out that many Mayfairs also have 92 chromosomes, but only 46 are active. The Talamasca also analizes Lasher’s and the Mayfairs’ genes and realizes that Lasher is a Taltos. Learning about this Stuart Gordon and company (Markling George and Tommy Monohan) try to obtain Lasher to mate him with Tessa in hiding at Gordon’s. They bribe Anton Marcus who turns a blind eye on the plan going on behind the scenes. Lasher and Rowan travel to the U.S.. After many attempts resulting in abortion Lasher manages to impregnate Rowan again, who does not abort this time.



February 28, 1990

Lasher impregnates Gifford Mayfair, who aborts and bleeds to death.



March 3, 1990

Gifford’s funeral. Lasher impregnates five further Mayfair women to revive the Taltos species, but all the women (Edith, Mandy, Alicia, Lindsay and Clytee) abort and bleed to death.



after March 3, 1990

Rowan escapes from Lasher. Birth of Emaleth, daughter of Rowan and Lasher. Emaleth grows up very fast. Aaron Lightner and Beatrice Mayfair get married. Lasher goes to the Mayfair house, where Michael Curry kills him. Rowan kills Emaleth.

Lestat makes David Talbot a vampire in the 26-year-old body.



middle of April, 1990

Mayfair Medical is under construction. Genetic analysis of the Mayfair family is under way. Stuart Gordon and company get Aaron Lightner killed. Aaron’s companion, Yuri Stefano meets Ashlar. Together they investigate Aaron’s death. Ashlar kills Anton Marcus. Rowan kills Stuart Gordon. Joan Cross becomes the new Superior General. The Talamasca executes Marklin George and Tommy Monohan. Tessa turns out to be too old and barren. The Talamasca takes Tessa under its protection. Birth of Morrigan, daughter of Michael Curry and Mona Mayfair. Ashlar and Morrigan go to Donnelaith.




Lynelle Springer begins to teach Quinn.




Lestat writes the novel The Tale of the Body Thief.




The Tale of the Body Thief is published under the pseudonym Anne Rice.




Ash and Morrigan settle on the isle of St. Ponticus and found a flourishing Taltos colony there.




Memnoch the Devil takes Lestat on a trip to Heaven and Hell. He asks for Lestat’s help which he refuses. Lestat tells David his experiences in Heaven and Hell, upon which David begins to write the novel Memnoch the Devil. Armand tries to burn himself to death, without success. He befriends Sybelle and Benjamin. Gregory Belkin, leader of the Temple of the Mind plans to kill most of the world’s populace and build a new, better world with his church in leading position. Azriel prevents Belkin’s apocalypse.



February 28, 1994

David finishes writing Memnoch the Devil. Lestat ceases to move.



After February 28, 1994

Interview with the Vampire is made into a movie. Hearing Lestat’s adventures in Heaven and Hell many young fledgling vampires come to New Orleans craving Lestat’s strong blood. Pandora tells David her story. Armand visits the motionless Lestat and drinks from his blood. Armand tells David his story which David writes in The Vampire Armand. Marius makes Sybelle and Benjamin vampires. Hearing Sybelle’s music Lestat moves again and returns to the vampires. Lestat and Armand kill the fledgling vampires who endanger their safety. Lestat again ceases to move, only getting up to listen to music sometimes. All vampires except for Lestat, Louis and David leave New Orleans.



1994, winter

Azriel tells his story to Jonathan Ben Isaac, who writes Servant of the Bones.



Beginning of 1995

Thorne wakes. He meets Marius who tells him his story. Maharet takes Thorne, Marius, Armand, Pandora and Santino to her refuge in the jungle. Thorne destroys Santino. Maharet puts Thorne in chains.



1995, spring

Upon David’s request Merrick Mayfair summons Claudia’s ghost. Louis makes Merrick a vampire, than tries to burn himself in the sun. Lestat finally breaks his motionlessness. Lestat, David and Merrick together revive the burned Louis. Stirling Oliver of the Talamasca moves to New Orleans and contacts the Mayfair family.

Memnoch the Devil is published.




Servant of the Bones is published.




Death of Lynelle Springer. Death of Little Ida. Mona Mayfair turns out to be ill. Examinations and treatment are started on her at Mayfair Medical.



July 5, 1997

David finishes writing Pandora.



Marc 14, 1998

Death of Rose Blackwood (Sweetheart).




Quinn discovers Sugar Devil Island. Quinn and Mona meet and fall in love. Quinn meets Petronia. Quinn and family travel to Europe. Birth of Jerome Blackwood, son of Quinn and Jasmine.

Some Taltos lead by Silas revolt against the leadership of Ash and take over control of the Taltos community of St. Ponticus isle.

Pandora is published. The Vampire Armand is published.




Vittorio writes his story which is then published with the title Vittorio the Vampire under the pseudonym Anne Rice. David Talbot writes the novel Merrick.




The Taltos lead by Silas star a war against the drug lords on the neighbouring island. The drug lords conquer the isle of St. Ponticus and kill all Taltos but Oberon, Miravelle and Lorkyn.

Merrick is published under the pseudonym Anne Rice.




Quinn and family return to the States. Petronia makes Quinn a vampire. Goblin starts to drink Quinn’s blood.

Blood and Gold is published.




Mona is hysterectomized. Quinn reads the Vampire Chronicles and asks for the help of Lestat against Goblin. Lestat calls Merrick. Merrick realizes that Goblin is Garwain’s ghost. Quinn kills Patsy. Merrick takes Goblin into the Light, and at the same time her soul leaves her earthly existence, too. Lestat makes Mona a vampire. Lestat makes Mona a vampire. Lestat gets to know Michael Curry and Rowan Mayfair and reveals to them their vampiric nature. Lestat learns the story of the Mayfairs and the Taltos. Lestat, Quinn and Mona go to the isle of St. Ponticus to find Morrigan. They kill the durg lords and take Oberon, Miravelle and Lorkyn to Mayfair Medical.

Blackwood Farm is published under Anne Rice’s name.




Blood Canticle is published under the pseudonym Anne Rice.



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