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Intelligence emerges on several planets, but nowhere does it possess self-awareness.



A scientist of the Firsts accidentally produces a wathan from the extraphysical forces during his experiments. He does not recognize the importance of his creation, and carries on with his experiments producing more wathans. Wathans attach themselves to the neighboring living beings, giving rise to self-awareness in those with a highly developed nervous system.



The first generation of the Firsts possessing self-awareness reach adulthood. 25 years after the production of the first wathans they realize how they gained self-awareness. They keep on producing more wathans to help newer generations become self-aware.



Centuries later the Firsts develop interstellar travel. They discover intelligence on several planets, but realize that intelligence is nowhere aware of its own existence. They set up wathan generators on planets cradling intelligence to help new species gain self-awareness.



Reaching the highest level of ethical development the Firsts make themselves immortal. Their work is carried on by newer species given self-awareness. They, in turn, become immortal once they reach maturity.



Elder races help a new species gain self-awareness on Ghuurrkh. This is the 7th race after the Firsts.


97 000 B.C.

Ghuurrkhians plant wathan generators on Earth which harbors many intelligent life forms. A Titanthrop, to be later named Joe Miller, witnesses the Ghuurrkhians’ activity. Thanks to the generators Titanthrops, Neanderthals and modern Man become self aware. Wathans detaching from the bodies of the dead are captured by wathan traps.



The majority of Ghuurrkhians become immortal, only about 10000 individuals carry on with the Work.


Appr. 11 000 B.C.

Ghuurkhians build the Gardenworld.


Appr. 1200 B.C.

Birth of Loga in Troy. He is killed at the age of 4 by akhays.


Appr. 1000 B.C.

Ghuurrkhians on the Gardenworld start resurrecting those humans, Titanthrops and Neanderthals who died under the age of 5 on Earth using their wathans. Wathans attach themselves to the resurrected bodies, and the children grow to become adults in their new bodies. Later generations are brought up by Loga and others of the first generations.


2009 A.D.

Loga, his companions and a Ghuurrkhian named Monat Grrautut depart for the planet of the Riverworld Project.


Appr. 2100 A.D.

Earth’s biosphere is destroyed by atomic warfare. A group of Gardenworlders clean Earth and resettle it with life during the next 160 years.


2169 A.D.

Loga and company arrive to their target-planet and under the supervision of Monat begin to transform the planet.


2219 A.D.

The Riverworld is completed. Monat plans to resurrect all humans, Titanthrops and Neanderthals who died above the age of 5 on Earth in two turns on the Riverworld using their wathans. After this they intend to let both groups advance their ethical development for 100-100 yeras. By the end of the projected time those who are not mature enough for immortality would be destroyed and the rest would be resurrected on Earth as immortals. Loga does not want to limit the time given for ethical development. He starts his own plan unbeknownst to the rest of the Ethicals.


Before 2246 A.D.

During the resurrection process Loga wakes up Sir Richard Francis Burton for a short time to show him the activity of the Ethicals. Seeing this Burton would be able to accept the resurrection with rational sense. Loga convinces the Ethicals that Burton’s untimely awakening is an accident.


2246 A.D.

Approximately 36 billion Earthlings older than 5 years are resurrected on the Riverworld. Monat – who did not believe Burton’s untimely awakening was an accident – places himself and another Ethical posing as Peter Jairus Frigate near Burton at Resurrection to keep an eye on him. A Neanderthal, Kazz discovers that neither Monat, nor the pseudo Frigate has the sign the other resurrecteed have on their foreheads. Monat hipnotizes Kazz to forget this. Burton, Kazz, Monat and Frigate build the Hadji and start sailing up the River. People along the banks of the River organize themselves into states. Several Ethicals work among the resurrectees without being discovered.


2247 A.D. = 1 A.R.D.

Kazz discovers in the state of Theleme that Robert Spruce does not wear a sign. Burton tries to question Spruce, but Spruce commits suicide. The Ethicals start to look for Burton. Burton leaves Theleme. A Titanthrop, Joe Miller joins Akhenaten’s expedition to find the source of the River. Loga visits Jacques Gillot and tells him some facts about wathans and Resurrection. Gillot founds the Church of the Second Chance (Loga hopes this will speed up the ethical development of the resurrectees).



Robert F. Rohrig and Agatha Croomes reach the North Pole, the shore of the sea feeding the River, where they starve to death. They are resurrected at another location.


2250 A.D. = 4 A.R.D.

Akhenaten’s expedition reaches the sea of the North Pole. Miller sees the Tower of the Ethicals, then falls from a rock ledge and dies. He is resurrected at another location. Akhenaten finds the remains of Rohrig and Croomes. They reach the Tower and enter, except for Paheri. They all die. Paheri escapes and later drowns in the River. He is resurrected at another location, where he tells his adventures to Tom Mix. Mix dies, and is resurrected at another location. Loga visits Mix and trusts him to travel to the Tower with Jack London. Mix and London build the Razzle Dazzle and start sailing up the River. Loga trusts altogether 124 people to reach the source of the River to help him against the other Ethicals if needed.


2251 A.D. = 5 A.R.D.

Loga visits Burton and trusts him to reach the River’s source. Burton commits suicide several hundred times during the next 2 years hoping he would be resurrected near the River’s source, but is not successful.


2253 A.D. = 7 A.R.D.

The Ethicals capture Burton. They warn him that there is a renegate among them who pursues his own goals, then resurrect him again near the River, in Theleme. Monat, the pseudo Frigate and Kazz re-join him. They build the Hadji II and start up the River. The Razzle Dazzle arrives to Ruritania, where the real Peter Frigate boards the ship.


2262 A.D. = 16 A.R.D.

Loga visits Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac and asks him to find Samuel Clemens and help him reach the River’s source.


2263 A.D. = 17 A.R.D.

Joe Miller meets Sam Clemens and tells him his adventure at the North Pole. Clemens and Miller start sailing the river with a Viking fleet to find metal for building a riverboat to reach the source of the River.


2266 A.D. = 20 A.R.D.

Loga diverts an asteroid and crushes it on the Riverworld near Clemens to provide him with metals. Clemens and John Lackland found the state of Parolando and develop an advanced industry using the meteor’s ores. Cyrano arrives to Parolando and joins Clemens. The true Frigate learns Paheri’s story from Mix. He sends a letter to Robert F. Rohrig with Rivermail, telling Paheri’s adventures.


2267 A.D. = 21 A.R.D.

Clemens starts building a large riverboat.


2269 A.D. = 23 A.R.D.

John Johnston, an agent of Loga joins Clemens.


2271 A.D. = 25 A.R.D.

Rohrig receives Frigate’s letter.


2272 A.D. = 26 A.R.D.

Clemens’ riverboat, the Not For Hire is completed. Lackland steals the boat, renames it Rex Grandissimus and leaves Parolando. Clemens starts building a new boat to be able to follow Lackland.



The Ethicals realize that Loga is the renegate. Loga is forced to kill all his companions in the Tower. He stops the resurrections on the entire planet, renders the vehicles of the Ethicals disfunctional and plans to return to the Tower alone. His vehicle, however, also becomes useless.


2276 A.D. = 30 A.R.D.

New Bohemia’s president, the Ethical Ladislas Podebrad reveales the metal source beneath his state and builds an advanced industry. He wants to build a fast vehicle to reach the Tower. Clemens’ second boat is finished in Parolando and christened Mark Twain. Later, when Clemens discovers that Lackland renamed his first boat, he renames the Mark Twain to Not For Hire. He starts up the River to catch up with Lackland.


2277 A.D. = 31 A.R.D.

The Ethical Milton Firebrass starts building a dirigible in Parolando to get to the Tower quickly.


2278 A.D.= 32 A.R.D.

The Hadji II sinks.


2279 A.D. = 33 A.R.D.

Kazz tells Burton that Monat and Frigate does not have the sign and that he was hipnotized not to reveal this. Before Burton could ask them, Frigate and Monat disappear. The Razzle Dazzle reaches New Bohemia. Podebrad builds an airship to reach the Tower. Mix and company build the balloon Jules Verne and set out toward the North Pole. Firebrass’s dirigible, the Parseval is completed. They reach the North Pole. Firebrass and some others try to land on the Tower, but Loga – travelling in disguise on the dirigible – detonates their helicopter. Piscator enters the Tower, then dies. The Parseval departs to rendezvous with the Not For Hire.


2280 A.D. = 34 A.R.D.

Podebrad’s airship crashes. Podebrad boards the Rex. Burton and company board the Rex. Loga leaves the Parseval with the helicopter and detonates the dirigible to prevent anybody from getting to the Tower before him. Monat and the pseudo Frigate board the Not For Hire.


2281 A.D. = 35 A.R.D.

New Bohemia’s people dig near a grailstone to tap its energy source. As a result all grailstones on the right side of the River cease to function. People of the right bank attack the left bank driven by famine. Half the population if the Riverworld dies. The true Frigate, Mix and company board the Rex. Loga boards the Rex under the pseudonim Ah Qaaq and kills Monat.


2306 A.D. = 60 A.R.D.

The Rex arrives to Virolando. The Not For Hire catches up with the Rex. During the battle between the two ships Lackland and Clemens die, the boats sink. Cyrano, Podebrad, Mix, London dies. Burton, Frigate, Joe Miller, Ah Qaaq and some other survivors keep sailing up the River with the crusiser of the Not For Hire.


2313 A.D. = 67 A.R.D.

Burton and company reach the North Pole, where Miller falls off a rock ledge and dies. The rest get to the Tower where Ah Qaaq turns out to be Loga. Loga tells Burton and company the purpose of the Riverworld project and the reason of his rebellion. Together they repair the dying biocomputer controlling the Riverworld. Burton and company realize that Loga is crazy. They put him to sleep and hibernate him. They restart the resurrections on the whole planet. They resurrect about 200 people in the Tower. Burton and a group of people leave the planet with a starship and move to an unsettled planet.


2347 A.D. = 100 A.R.D.

The computer puts to sleep, then kills the inhabitants of the Riverworld. Those mature for immortality are resurrected on Earth. The wathans of the rest are scattered. The second turn of wathans brought from the Gardenworld is resurrected.


2447 A.D. = 200 A.R.D.

The computer puts to sleep, then kills the second turn of the Riverworld’s inhabitants. The wathans of those not mature for immortality are scattered, the rest resurrected on Earth. The Riverworld project is closed.